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Frazers Thoughts and Adventures

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Frazer Kirkman
9 July 1979
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The world has so much untapped potential

I live to maximise the expression of all people.

I would like to live and work in a community with people who are
passionate about world peace,
people being their best,
better education for all, and
community building and reform

Where our work is movie making, song writing,
animation, and all kinds of media production,
for us to create media and educational products
that will inspire and create change in the
lives of as many people as possible
3d graphics, activism, affirmations, animal rights, animation, anthony robbins, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, being happy, biking, biomimicry, biotechnology, blessings, buddhism, chastity, children, chinese, coders, cognitive science, communal living, community building, computer graphics, computer programming, computer science, computer vision, cryonics, cyberculture, cybernetics, cyberpunk, cyborgs, cycling, dance, datamining, empowerment, enlightenment, environmentalism, ethics, evolution, exercise, extropy, family, fantasy, fitness, genetic engineering, god, government, hardware, healing, health, helping, hugs, humanism, hypnosis, intellect, intentional communities, internet, intuition, investments, learning, linux, lisa simpson, logic, love, math, meditation, memetic engineering, memetics, mind power, mindfulness, motivation, multimedia, music, nanotechnology, neuroscience, nlp, nutrition, open source, opengl, organic food, performing, philosophy, physics, polyfidelity, positive thinking, praying, programming, psychology, random acts of kindness, rationalism, raw food, revolution, robotics, robots, satvic food, science, science fiction, self development, self improvement, soccer, social change, social engineering, sports, stoicism, success, synchronicity, teaching, technology, transhumanism, united visions, utopia, vegan, veganism, vegans, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vegetarians, virtual reality, visions, voice recognition, wearable computers, wearable computing, web, web design, world changing, world peace, writing, yoga,

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