Frazer Kirkman (frazer) wrote,
Frazer Kirkman

I am back in Australia,
and have had a truly amazing and insightful month.
I attended confest at the start of April.  This conference/festival has thousands of people and hundreds of workshops on community and wholesome living.  
The most notable part of my experience was the wonderful atmosphere we created and the closeness and wonder that created in our relationships.  Everyone expressing their most caring fun happy selves, so everyone was instantly lovable.  This created a positive feedback loop as we all become more happy and confident, we also become more lovable, which led to even more joy and openness.

After the festival I stayed in Melbourne for 2 weeks with my new found circles of friends.  It was such a fulfilling time, full of care and joy.  We also all noticed the tension between 'city living' and the freedom we had at the festival, and coming to terms with 'the selves' we normally had and how that self can relate to the wonder we had been lucky enough to touch.  Many of us were very explicitly trying to encourage us all to hold on to the wonder, and to intergreat it in to our lives back in society.

Something else I noticed while in this amazing mood - I met many other wonderful people on my day to day adventures around Melbourne.  I saw the best in every one I met, which I normally do, but somehow I saw even better sides to people.  Its like there is no limit to how lovable and interesting every one is, and the more lovable and interesting you feel, the more you will see this side to other people.

 Highlights for the end of 2009:

I attended a Dances of Universal Peace retreat in Latvia, and then spent a month in Riga.

I went to the USA and spent 2 months in Boston around the campus of MIT where I met 100s of brilliant and lovable people, and I had so many chances to share positivity sessions and relaxation workshops.

I went to LA and NYC and met some amazing people

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