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Frazers Thoughts and Adventures
If you'd ever like to know what time it is around the world, this cute comic lets you see the time all around the world right now.


Once again Randall, well done.

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This week I set to add a slider to http://frazerk.net/ which uses drupal 7 and twitter-bootstrap.

I decided upon http://unslider.com/

This is quite long, so click here if tech details are your kind of thingCollapse )

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I woke abruptly from a dream at 6am a few mornings ago, and I've had an epiphany I want to share. This dream had people dieing and I awoke from a scene of guns, lots of guns. My first thought upon waking was 'why am I dreaming that? I dont dream things like that'. Then I realised I have been dreaming thing like that progressively more throughout the year. Then I realised, these dreams have been a relefection of the television I have been consuming. I dont like television, and most of my life I don't watch it. However I have visited my home town many times this year, and spent a lot of that time visiting my mother. I came to spend time with her, but it is quite hard, as most days she comes home from work, switches on the television and watches it until she goes to sleep. In attempts to talk with her, I have sat there hoping shared moments would lead to more conversation, however I find it difficult to have a meaningful conversation while being bombarded with guns, murder, hatred, death, sex without love, insanity and non-stop advertising. Sure, not every moment on tv is pure crazyness, but a lot of it is, certainly a lot more than exists in most of our lives. I have found myself experiencing unwholesome states of mind whenever I have been here.

So my epiphany is that television is bad for you.

ok, so most of you already knew that, but some of you didn't. I already knew that, but its been a long time since I felt it so strongly. I obviously knew it wasnt good, I had suggested to my mother a few times that she try not watching television, to which I got a response something like 'its how I relax after work, when I am tired from a big day', to which I replied 'maybe you wouldn't be so tired if you didn't watch so much television'. Now as I write that I realise it is not put in a way that is likely to help her change her behaviour, even if it is true. To be fair to myself I have also said how much more time would be found to follow interests if less tv was watched.

As I awoke and vowed not to watch television I found I woke up full of life and energy, enough to write most of this post at 6am. I have aso found I've had more energy and 'mental space' the last few days, and have een reminded of the so called relaxing effect of television, that many people report actually just make you feel tired.

So, onward to a clearer mind and more time to pursue the flourishing of humanity.


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I am back in Australia,
and have had a truly amazing and insightful month.
I attended confest at the start of April.  This conference/festival has thousands of people and hundreds of workshops on community and wholesome living.  
The most notable part of my experience was the wonderful atmosphere we created and the closeness and wonder that created in our relationships.  Everyone expressing their most caring fun happy selves, so everyone was instantly lovable.  This created a positive feedback loop as we all become more happy and confident, we also become more lovable, which led to even more joy and openness.

After the festival I stayed in Melbourne for 2 weeks with my new found circles of friends.  It was such a fulfilling time, full of care and joy.  We also all noticed the tension between 'city living' and the freedom we had at the festival, and coming to terms with 'the selves' we normally had and how that self can relate to the wonder we had been lucky enough to touch.  Many of us were very explicitly trying to encourage us all to hold on to the wonder, and to intergreat it in to our lives back in society.

Something else I noticed while in this amazing mood - I met many other wonderful people on my day to day adventures around Melbourne.  I saw the best in every one I met, which I normally do, but somehow I saw even better sides to people.  Its like there is no limit to how lovable and interesting every one is, and the more lovable and interesting you feel, the more you will see this side to other people.

 Highlights for the end of 2009:

I attended a Dances of Universal Peace retreat in Latvia, and then spent a month in Riga.

I went to the USA and spent 2 months in Boston around the campus of MIT where I met 100s of brilliant and lovable people, and I had so many chances to share positivity sessions and relaxation workshops.

I went to LA and NYC and met some amazing people
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lived in an eco-commmunity in the netherlands. This one had 20 Share houses, all with big yards and everything is green, with so much food growing everywhere. Most of the people who lived there are Masters or PhD students insomething environmental.. There is a house that meditates together regularly, one that plays music all the time... the one I stayed in is really chilled out, every thing is communal.. I love it

I guided a bunch of meditations there, I consulted for a few
hours on a student collective fostering sustainable business ideas, and
I've ran a team building and relaxation workshop for the international delta alliance, its run by one of the companies attached to the university... 

So the netherlands was nice.

oh, and went to a beautiful wedding...  they asked me to do a meditation as part of the official ceremony.  It was beautiful.

Then I spent a week in Latvia at a Dances of Universal Peace retreat.  Many great dance teachers, and my meditations were well attended.  It was a very nice group of peope.
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If you could be God for a day, what three things would be at the top of your to-do list?

1. get all humans to agree upon working otgether to make the world how they want it.
2. get all humans to make a to do list of just the most amazing things they could do for the world.
3. give all humans a life changing exprience, either hrough some holy magic or by guiding a global meditation, so that all people saw this world as the most important thing, and lived every day completely devoted to making it happen


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I think this video is really cute


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I am staying at a retreat center in Scotland.

meditation 5 times a day.

contemplating how to unite as much of the world in to a functional team of optimal life enhancement.
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Yesterday I performed at the same gig I did last week.

This weeks host only gave me 5 minutes... Imagine that, doing a meditation, with strangers, in 5 minutes...

So I started by telling them I didn't have enough time, so I just wanted them to pretend that I had already put them all in a trance... oh my god, it worked. Most people closed their eyes and immediately started to imagine tranforming their lives.

The day before I went to London to film the Kendra Cross Media Summit for Content Discovery Conference.

It was great, great speakers, great concepts, and constructive idea development. I was the camera man for the day, I cant believe how much it effects how you take information in while you are concentrating on other things. People asked me my thoughts during the break, and I just looked blank.

Afterwards I caught up with some friends, we went to a raw vegan restuarant in Soho, then I spent 4 hours getting a tour of the city from this awesome Jamacan football player. He was great, we just kept inspiring each other, he inspiring me to be always megafun, and constant good vibes, and I enlightening him to consciously design great thoughts. I caught the bus back to Oxford at 2:30 in the morning. it was a great day trip.

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Current Location: London and Oxford

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I am now living in Oxford,

Before leaving Adelaide I spent much much time with my friends,
we were meditating together every day,
consolidating our values, and strengtehning our best qualities.

I then spent a month traveling Australia,
seeing friends and doing positive thinking sessions with as many people as I could.

I then spent a week in Melbourne at Armagh,
the Australian center for Initiatives of Change.

I then spent a few days in Canberra,
visiting the research physics labs of ANU.

On to Sydney to see the Confest organisers,
then up to the Blue Mountains to stay at
The Earth Repair Center.

My last week was in Brisbane.
I went to the the Brahma Kumaris center for some meditations with friends.

Flying through Seoul was grand,
the countryside is magestic with mountains spanning the horizon.

I have since spent a week in Oxford,
going to the One World Festival in Woodstock,
and the Oxford Mela.
I found Oxford ARC,
the Action Resource Center,
we planned the new phase for the center,
and rejuvinated the place with a big cleanout.

I performed at a really funky gig called CatWeasel.
Mind magic... peace and tranquility mental journeys.
Sweet, it went down really well

I had my brain scanned at the Oxford MRI center today to take part in a memory study.

I have made some great friends, one of whom is sharing her allotment with me,
so I have a great place to grow my own healthy, organic food.

Onwards and upwards.

Current Location: Oxford

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